The Georgia Straight Jazz Society

At The Flying Canoe 1590 Cliffe Ave Courtenay

March 24th 2022 at 7:30pm

Sweet SantaFe

Following our last full-capacity concert on March 10 when we were treated to 2 hours of exquisite modern jazz with a classical twist, Georgia Straight Jazz Society is pleased to present a completely different music genre when Sweet SantaFe will perform a 2-hour Latin American concert. Well known and loved by most of our members, this marks their return since they last performed for the Jazz Society, pre-pandemic in October 2019.

Since SantaFe is one of the most well attended groups over past several years, you're advised to arrive early if you're meeting friends. Be prepared to share tables and meet others as the space fills up. We're still adjusting to our new digs and the Flying Canoe staff are doing their darndest to accommodate and serve us as a bunch of avid jazz afficionados that start to arrive 90 minutes before the show!

Sweet SantaFe's distinct style has been influenced by North America's Alison Krauss and Sarah McLachlan, Cuba's Pablo Milanes and Brazil's Tom Jobim. Their infectious rhythms will get your toes tapping and the joy and hope of their lyrics will leave you with a smile. Sweet SantaFe will be bringing special guests to the Flying Canoe performance.

Trumpeter Miguelito Valdes has a deep understanding of Cuban roots music and its diversity. For seven years he was the trumpet player in Buena Vista Social Club singer Omara Portuondo's band. Cynthia Rodriguez an accomplished pianist who first came to Canada from Cuba to play with an all-female band in Toronto and Hector Ramos born in Cienfuegos Cuba brings his passion to the Congas.

Admission for this performance will be $15 for Society members, or $20 for non-members. Memberships ($15 annually) to the Society will be available at the show. The full food menu will be available during the evening.

We received many appreciative comments about our first concert at Flying Canoe, as well as several inquiries. As well, we have met with Flying Canoe and Westin Hotel staff to compare notes. The following comments arise from those discussions:

  • The Flying Canoe cannot take reservations. If you want the "best" tables or plan on sitting with specific friends, you will have to arrive early.
  • Treat the seating like a cruise ship - join people at a table where there is room and enjoy the company.
  • Keep track of your tab. If you move let your server know.
  • Please be patient. Flying Canoe has lots of new staff, and they're getting used to us as we create a Thursday Night crush.
  • The plan is to remove the plastic screens around the booths as soon as possible in the next week or two.

Thank you for reviewing this information.

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FC - Flying Canoe at the Westerly Hotel. Covid protocols in place. You need your vaccine passport for admission. Tickets are $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

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GSJS showcases jazz live in the Comox Valley, giving music lovers an opportunity to enjoys local, regional and internationally-known jazz musicians.

Photo Credit - Bruce Johnston  here

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